We are very proud of our tailor shop and it is a top priority! Any alterations are restored to the original quality level. If a hand stitch is taken out… it goes back in. All garments are pressed as they go through the shop so they are ready to wear when you pick them up. We can also facilitate dry cleaning for any worn garments taken into the shop.


While there are limitation to the adjustments that can be made on your garment, we have an extensive ability to do major alterations that many shops can’t. Shoulders and backs can be reduced, and coats can be shortened to reflect a more modern silhouette. We can renew dress shirts with fresh white collars and cuffs.

Associate Fittings

In general, our sales associates will mark your garments for alterations. With the extensive experience our associates have in fitting and measuring for custom clothing, we find this to yield the best results as we can more accurately communicate our expectations for specific alterations. For more requests that are outside the range of normal alterations or restyling, we may have our tailors assess a garment.

Fully Tailor Made Garments

While our production is very limited, we have an ability to produce a pattern, and completely hand-made garments in our shop.


In general, basic alterations will be complete within 1 week, and major alterations within 2 – 3 weeks. During busy times, we may require additional time to complete the requested work. When it is possible, we are happy to take rush requests, and will do our best to help with those difficult situations where time is critical.


The initial basic alterations are included in the regular price of any garment in the store. Otherwise, our pricing is comparable and competitive to other shops, and we will specifically price any alteration when it is taken into the shop. We do charge for cleaning the garment should it be necessary.

Outside Garments

We are happy to accommodate garments purchased elsewhere. However, during very busy times, we may take additional time to complete these garments. Again we will try to take rush jobs as our schedule permits.