We take a comprehensive set of measurements to ensure that your garment will fit exactly as you like. Special attention is always given to the collar and shoulders of the coat so that when your garment arrives, you are immediately aware that this was made for you! Relax, we’ll take the measurements, then you tell us how you want your garment to feel.


Choose from a vast selection of the world’s finest fabrics. Wools of Super 100’s to Super 200’s, cashmeres, silks, mohairs, linens, cottons, fabricated in weaves and weights to your liking. We offer fabrics from the world’s finest mills: Loro Piana, Drapers, Scabal, Cerutti, Carlo Barbera, Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil, to name a few.


Whether it is a dark suit that evokes a powerful boardroom image, or a romantic European sportcoat that you are interested in, we can help you to accomplish the look. Buttons, linings, lapels, pockets…. All of these details complete the image.


Now, we go to work. Made in North America, by Oxxford, Hickey Freeman, or Coppley, or in Italy by Cesare Attolini or Ravazzolo. We also offer our own fully hand-made garment produced on-site. Your garment will arrive in store for final fitting in one to ten weeks, based on maker selected.